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Middlesex County, MA Basement Wall Paneling, Flooring & Ceilings

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Responsible basement finishing company serving Middlesex County, Massachusetts

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Total Basement Finishing dealer in Middlesex County, MA.

Services we offer in Middlesex County:

  • Basement finishing and remodeling services.
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Case Studies From Middlesex County
These homeowners are retired and are headed to Florida for a few months’ vacation. After putting it off for a while they decided it would be...
This was a fairly straightforward project: the homeowners wanted to finish their unfinished basement to use it as a family room, with an adjacent...
This homeowner had a disappointing basement finishing last time around, and we were determined to not let that happen again. After their last...
Job Stories From Middlesex County, MA
A New Study, Family Room, and Gym

We first met Kumar S. at a home show in Wilmington, MA where he was looking for a contractor to finish his basement. Total Basement Finishing immediately impressed him with our unique water resistant Basement System. Not long after, he set up an appointment with us. We sent Dave, one of our salesmen, out to look at the space.

Kumar lived in a newly constructed home with a large, unfinished basement. He and his wife had lots of home improvements in mind, including a new kitchen and bath, but at the top of their list was a finished basement. They wanted a space for their two children with room leftover for the adults.

The project would encompass 90% of the basement. Their new space included a family room, a study, a bathroom, and a gym area. We also roughed a space for a future kitchen which Kumar did on his own. In all of these spaces we installed Everlast Wall Panels as well as Total Basement Finishing Trims and Moldings. Kumar was very happy with the space and has referred us to several of his friends and coworkers!

A Beautiful New Basement in Wakefield, MA

Katie and Fred S. came to Total Basement Finishing because they had seen some of our stellar online reviews, which piqued their curiosity. They called us up wanting to get their basement remodeled so we sent our salesman, Jim, over for a consult.

When he arrived, Jim noticed right away the white peeling paneling that lined the basements interior as well as the dirty tiled flooring and the large distracting lally columns. The basement also looked as if it had sustained water damage over the years and there was a distinct mildewy smell to the air. Jim knew right away that Katie and Fred needed this basement remodel and that Total Basement Finishing was just the company for the job.

We got to work installing a beautiful wet bar and creating an amazing media center for them. We installed Everlast Wall Panels in lieu of the peeling white walls they had before, and replaced the dusty tile with beautiful faux-wood flooring that would protect from further water damage. The results were beautiful and Katie and Fred couldn't be more thrilled with their new space! 

Extra Living Space in Lexington, MA.

This family dreamed of adding some extra space in their home to relax and provide storage. Our Total Basement Finishing team provided them with a storage area that has a Zenn wall, subfloor, finished ceiling and florescent lights. This area is now clean and dry and can be closed off to the rest of the living space. In the living area they finished the floor with carpet tiles and built half walls on both sides of the finished stairway. The family is thrilled with the attention to detail, workmanship and patience our team had while working on their project and they cannot wait to enjoy it.

Extra Living Space in Lexington, MA. - Photo 1Extra Living Space in Lexington, MA. - Photo 2
Scary to Cheerful in Melrose, MA

The C's basement was, like many basements we see, a bit scary. Their basement was cluttered with old Halloween decorations and various forgotten household items. The C’s were worried about finishing their basement, they’d seen water down there and they worried about potential water damage to a finished room.

Total Basement Finishing products are DESIGNED for basements, meaning, they are designed to get wet, dry out, and resist mold and mildew. The C’s felt that with Total Basement Finishing, they could finish their basement, confident that their renovations would be secure. Check out their basement now!

Scary to Cheerful in Melrose, MA - Photo 1Scary to Cheerful in Melrose, MA - Photo 2Scary to Cheerful in Melrose, MA - Photo 3
Parquet floors in Westford, MA

A Westford, MA homeowner had a half finished basement. The family felt that the basement was usable... but only sort of. The space had musty carpets and no ceiling. The family wanted to spend time in finished rooms that weren't musty! Total Basement Finishing finished their basement beautifully. The musty carpet was replaced with one of our favorite products, the beautiful faux parquet floor. This vinyl tile looks just like real hardwood, but (unlike hardwood) it's safe for basements. 

Parquet floors in Westford, MA - Photo 1
Working out in Lowell, MA

Yolanda and Juan contacted Total Basement Finishing, a Blackdog Affiliate, because they wanted to add more space to their Lowell home. The couple was lucky, their basement was pretty dry, they didn't ever have water issues! But one wet spring can create a problem, Yolanda and Juan wanted a basement they could count on, just in case things got damper than usual. Since Total Basement Finishing products are designed to withstand typical basement conditions, the Lowell homeowners felt secure in their choice of finishing products. Now Yolanda and Juan have the extra space for a workout room and clean storage. Yolanda tells us she's already got her treadmill set up!

An Unexpected Change in Winchester, MA

Nell and Christopher wanted their basement finished. Total Basement Finishing, a Blackdog Affiliate, was working steadily on the project when one of our plumbers had a great idea. He recommended that Nell and Christopher opt to have their basement heat altered so that it was on a different zone. This creative thinking allowed Nell and Christopher to adjust heat in the basement without having to think about the remainder of the house. We all know basements can be colder than the rest of the home, even with the fantastically insulated walls from Total Basement Finishing! Now Nell and Christopher have a great new space for their home!

A Basement Bedroom in Chelmsford

Many people see their unfinished basements as wasted space, if you don't already have windows in the basement, you can't create a new bedroom due to building codes... right? Wrong! At Total Basement Finishing, a Blackdog Affiliate, we are comfortable with creating egress windows for our clients. Bedrooms must have these windows to be considered bedrooms in real estate listings. David, a Chelmsford homeowner, really wanted to add more value to his home. Since almost nothing adds value like an extra bedroom, David was set on creating that space in his basement. We were prepared and there to help! Now David has his basement bedroom, and because it has an egress window, it's completely to code!

Low Ceiling? No problem!

John, a Dracut homeowner, decided he wanted to finish his basement. He didn't want to go through the hassle of moving, but really wanted a media room, home gym, and more storage. When we first met with John, we were excited to check out his basement, but we noticed that he was dealing with some pretty low ceilings. We were concerned, but decided to take on the challenge of moving plumbing and electrical, to give John some additional height. Now John has the space he needs, without having to worry about hitting his head on low hanging pipes! If you have a similar situation and worry your basement might be unfinishable, give us a call, we can work with you to help figure it out. 

Gym and Office in Carlisle, MA

Drew, a Carlisle homeowner, wanted to refinish his basement. He already had a semi finished basement, but wasn't too pleased with it. He was using the space as a home gym, but the ceiling was open, the floors had mold spots, and electrical was exposed. Drew was also experiencing water issues, and wanted to use materials that could withstand moisture. We started working with Drew to build his home gym and office space. Since our materials are designed specifically for basements, Drew doesn't have to worry about musty smells while he was working and working out. Now Drew has the space he needs to be productive in his home. 

Game Room / Family Room in North Reading, MA

Michael's basement was filled with clutter. He was using the square footage to store old children's toys, gaming systems, and various paperwork. He wanted to get organized, but also to find a good space for all the toys and games his kids accumulated. After considering his options, he decided that it might be easier and more cost effective to finish his basement than to move. He reached out to Total Basement Finishing, a Blackdog Affiliate, with hopes of turning his cluttered space into a game room and family room. Now Michael's basement is clean, organized, and all those old toys are actually getting played with again! 

Basement Bathroom and Family Room in Billerica, MA

Laurie had spent a good chunk of time online, investigating different basement finishing systems. She knew that her basement did occasionally see condensation and she worried that carpet and drywall might fail in the moist environment. Laurie found Total Basement Finishing, A Blackdog Affiliate, in her online search. She took the time to explore the finishing products and found herself really impressed. By the time Laurie reached out to us, she knew exactly what she wanted: a bathroom and family room that would stand up to moisture. We were only too happy to help! Laurie now has that family room and bathroom downstairs, and she didn't have to worry about adding an addition OR moving!

A Beautiful Space for Guests in Wilmington, MA

Leah, a Wilmington MA homeowner, has an extended family who lives very far away. When her family comes to visit, they end up staying for a month. Leah loves seeing her family, but she doesn't have a good place to host them. Leah wanted to be the perfect host and to give her guests a beautiful and private space in her home. To create the space for her family, Leah decided to finish her basement. Leah is adding a bathroom, a living area and a bedroom to her home! And Leah's guests will be ultra comfortable because their space will be warm, dry and it won't smell like a musty basement. 

Room for a Collection in Billerica, MA

Ted, a Billerica homeowner, had a basement he hated. The space was really dated. It had red shag carpeting! And not the on-trend carpet we're seeing pop up in design blogs, but old musty mildew shag carpet. Ted wanted us to rip out that shag and create a clean and mildew free space to showcase his... taxidermy collection! Taxidermy is, as I'm sure you can imagine, super vulnerable to basement-like conditions. Ted wanted to be sure that his collection was displayed beautifully and that it was safe from environmental conditions. Our system is perfect for Ted because it is mildew resistant and really strong. Our wall panels are strong enough to support the heavy shelving Ted needs to showcase his collection. With Total Basement Finishing, Ted now has his dream space. 

A Stunning Basement Bar and Home Theater in Littleton, MA

This is a recent basement finishing project we completed in Littleton, MA that features a stunning home bar, theater and seating area, recreational area, and bathroom. When wanting to expand your living space, why build up or out when you can make your basement look like this?

The homeowners wanted to create a space for entertaining friends and family: a home theater, bar and guest bathroom were a must. The space features our pre-finished wall system, elite plank flooring, Candlelight Cabinetry cabinets, and Top Line Granite countertops.

A Stunning Basement Bar and Home Theater in Littleton, MA - Photo 1A Stunning Basement Bar and Home Theater in Littleton, MA - Photo 2A Stunning Basement Bar and Home Theater in Littleton, MA - Photo 3A Stunning Basement Bar and Home Theater in Littleton, MA - Photo 4A Stunning Basement Bar and Home Theater in Littleton, MA - Photo 5
Watch The Big Game in Your TBF Basement!

Are you and your family huge sports fans but struggle to find adequate space to host friends for the big game? Why not finish your basement with watching your favorite teams in mind?

A young couple in Tewksbury, MA asked us to finish their basement into an entertainment space specifically for watching their favorite sports teams. We utilized our pre-finished wall system and elite plank flooring for the project.

Tired Of Water Damage in Your Basement? We Can Help!

A family in Tewksbury, MA was having issues with keeping their walk out basement dry, and also wanted to create a finished livable space. We installed our mold-resistant and waterproof pre-finished wall system, grey thermal dry flooring, and added a SaniDry dehumidifyer to prevent future moisture problems.

Basement Waterproofing and Finishing in Tewksbury, MA

This family was frustrated with the frequent water damage to their basement. To remedy, we first dried out the basement and installed a SaniDry system, then we installed our prefinished wall system, ThermalDry Elite Plank Flooring in "Pecan", and created an area for the whole family to enjoy.

Transforming A Crowded Basement Into An Attractive Office Space

This homeowner was tired of how cluttered and crowded their basement space had become and wanted to transform the space into a functional office and closet/storage space. We installed our pre-finished wall panel system and ThermalDry carpet flooring system, as well as added some walls to separate the space. The project turned out beautiful, and the homeowner was thrilled with their new office!

Transforming A Crowded Basement Into An Attractive Office Space - Photo 1
Basement to Office Transformation in Tewksbury, MA

Work from home? Need more space for your office? This homeowner wanted to turn their unused basement into a finished at-home work station and additional storage area. We installed our pre-finished basement wall panels and ThermalDry Elite Plank Flooring in "Espresso" in the space, transforming the space into a productive work environment for the busy professional!

Boisterous Basement Playroom!

A new baby comes with lots of changes, and for this family in Dracut, MA, a change needed to be made—specifically to their unfinished basement! Thanks to Total Basement Finishing, their basement was transformed from dank and dingy, to a beautiful playroom and office space. TBF added Paintable Paneling, a Sani Dry system for lasting moisture protection and carpeted the stairway, which is a great choice for a family with children on the way. Additionally, nestled nicely under the stairs, the secluded desk space offers a zen work area, while the rest of the space is dedicated to fun and engagement!

Mold No More in Your Mesmerizing New Basement

Everyone wants a fun space to spend time in their home, and this included our clients in Acton, MA. Total Basement Finishing created just that! With TBF Paintable Wall Panels, Vinyl Flooring, PVC ceiling tile and a beautiful oak staircase, a stunning billiards and entertaining space was born. Because of the geographic location of their home, close to swampy marshland, the clients were also concerned about mold growth, but because of TBF’s patented paneling technology as well as a state-of-the-art Sani Dry system, the basement will stay dry and mold free.


Extreme Basement Transformation in Chelmsford, MA

Mold and water damage have been an age-old problem when it comes to basements, and sadly, this held true for our clients in Chelstard, MA. These clients had experienced significant mold and water damage which created structural problems in the walls and floor, as well as sagging ceiling tiles. Total Basement Finishing was able to completely transform the basement by first restoring the walls and flooring, and then by installing Everlast Elite Planking and linen ceiling tiles. We also equipped the space with a wet bar. The final space is perfect for everything from entertaining friends for happy hour to watching the football game on Sundays. 


Quick Fix Basement Update!

Not all remodels have to be fancy or expansive, sometimes you just want a slight change. A perfect example is this project from Melrose, MA. The client in question, simply did not enjoy the aesthetic of a concrete basement. The client still wanted to use the space for storage and utility, so Total Basement Finishing added in several partition walls around the mechanical and laundry area, installed LED lighting, and finished the whole thing with ceramic tiling. No more dusty concrete!

Beautiful Basement Apartment in North Chelmsford MA

A Chelmsford, MA family live in a beautiful 1980s home with their son. Due to the lack of space in their home, they decided it was time to repurpose their basement and finish it into livable space. The family wanted to turn their unorganized, messy basement into a beautiful living/study area for their son, including a storage area for his hockey equipment. Total Basement Finishing, a Blackdog Affiliate was able to create a unique apartment for their son, making the home less cramped and the family happy.

Tiny Basement Space gets Huge Remodel in Chelmsford MA

Between working from home, and their children attending school virtually, this young family in Chelmsford, MA needed more space. As space was tight, they decided it was time to transform their basement and add an extra office, a media room, and a child’s play area. Since they already had a basement with ISO Insulation, Total Basement Finishing, a Blackdog Affiliate, framed the exterior walls with the Total Basement Finishing panelized system, added the Elite Plank flooring in pecan, and finished off the space with a linen drop ceiling.

Waltham MA home gets new basement flooring

A couple in Waltham, MA were experiencing a mold issue in their basement. Total Basement Finishing, a Blackdog Affiliate, remedied the situation by replacing the existing tile flooring and with a beautiful Elite Plank flooring in Espresso.

Dracut MA family remodels basement

Michael and Danielle are a happy couple from Dracut Massachusetts with a three-year-old son. The home’s current layout was a little to cramped, as they wanted to grow their family. The homeowners wanted to transform their basement into a primary bedroom. They called Total Basement Finishing, a Blackdog Affiliate, to help make their dreams come true, and we were able to create a primary suite that is comfortable, healthy, and beautiful.

Homeowners from Lowell MA transform their basement

These homeowners from Lowell, MA wanted to completely transform their basement space. They wanted three separate things done to their basement including a gym, a cat play area, and a family/entertaining space. Total Basement Finishing, a Blackdog Affiliate, went above and beyond for their project. Further, TBF created a cubby under the stairs for their cat to play in and even installed motion censored lights so the cat can see where it plays. For their gym area, TBF was able to create a space the couple could workout in. The entertaining and dining area is now perfect for them to host their friends and family!

Woburn MA couple get a new family room

Chloe and Dan are a couple from Woburn MA who wanted to update their 31-year-old home. When it came time to update the basement, they trusted Total Basement Finishing, a Blackdog Affiliate, to achieve their basement dreams. TBF turned half of their basement into a family room and the rest into office space.

Maynard couple gets new flooring

Bernard and Claudia are a charming couple from Maynard MA that live with their son. The family has lived in their home for the past four years and wanted to create a beautiful basement space for them to enjoy. They called Total Basement Finishing, a Blackdog Affiliate, to help create a basement of their dreams. TBF installed a vinyl system with a drop ceiling and added Elite Plank flooring in pecan. Total Basement Finishing, a Blackdog Affiliate added carpet to the stairs leading down to the basement. To round out the project, a closet under the stairs was added for additional storage.


Young family gets huge basement renovated

Jen and Benjamin live in a beautiful home in Winchester MA and are accompanied by their two children, ages six and seven. Needing more room in their home for their growing family, the couple decided to call Total Basement Finishing, a Blackdog Affiliate. TBF was able to finish their 1,300 sq ft basement and even installed a half bath.

Basement Gets new Wet Bar and Bathroom

Tim and Michelle are a couple from Groton, MA. As they are a growing family with two young children, they decided to expand their living space and finish their basement. Total Basement Finishing, a Blackdog Affiliate, added a bathroom and wet bar to the basement, as well as space for the growing kids and family to play.

Basement gets Harry Potter remodel

Bree is a single homeowner is Maynard MA. Bree is a diehard Harry Potter fan and wanted to design her basement to look like the Slytherin common rooms! Total Basement Finishing, a Blackdog Affiliate, gave Bree a beautifully designed Slytherin basement theme. TBF also included a buildout for the installation of a gas fireplace.


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