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Monday, May 29th, 2017 by Gwen Hurd

Have you ever lived in a home with only one bathroom? I have. It can get a little messy. If someone likes to take long showers, if someone is sick, or if you’ve just come home from a long car trip… having one bathroom can lead to discomfort and arguments. The problem grows exponentially if you have kids!

If you live in a dense neighborhood, it is likely you might not be able to easily add an addition on to your home. Zoning laws can be pretty strict, and adding more square footage to your home’s footprint might not be an option.

Bathrooms can be added to the main level of your house, but not without losing valuable living space. Most homeowners don’t want to make their bedrooms or kitchens smaller, even if it means adding a much-needed bathroom. Another possibility might be adding a bathroom to an attic, but the cost for bringing plumbing into that space might be prohibitive.

The only space remaining? Our favorite underutilized space- the basement! Basements can be ideal places for bathrooms because you likely have easy access to plumbing. But basements come with their own lovely issues. Unless you live in an exceptionally dry area, if you built a basement bathroom the way you built a main level bathroom, you might run into some really big issues.

Basements flood. It will be super important to choose mold resistant materials, and to work with a professional who is very familiar with the basement environment. Luckily, most bathroom materials are designed for moist environments, so you’ll have some great choices available to you. Choosing the right professional may take a bit more time.


Basement Bathroom - Image 1

Above is a gorgeous example of what a basement bathroom can look like. We completed this bathroom for a client last year. The glass subway tile is amazing when paired with the faux hardwood tile. Love the combination of rustic and contemporary!

Obviously, I’m going to recommend that you reach out to Total Basement Finishing for your basement bathroom. We’ve been working with homeowners’ tricky basements for years, we know what is going to work, what isn’t going to work, and we can help guide you through the process. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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