The Case Against Building Trends

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018 by Gwen Hurd

I love to hate trends. Trends are expensive frivolity. Shag carpet was in, then it was out, now it’s in again. You probably loved your vessel sink when you bought it. Maybe you still love it? Soon, it’s going to look dated and you’ll need to replace it.

Replacing a carpet or a sink isn’t a significant investment. You might decide that you don’t care about the cost of replacing your sink after 10 years because you get 10 years of enjoyment out of that sink. But what about bigger trends?

small living spaces

Sheds are trending right now. Not practical garden sheds for your rakes and lawn mower, but chandeliered sheds with extravagant windows and built in bookshelves. A glamorous shed. They call it a “she-shed”. This kind of trend is a big investment. And it’s not the most practical choice. You might not see any return on investment with this kind of building because a potential homebuyer might not feel like that kind of space is necessary or valuable.

If you’ve got a large budget and you’re not worried about your return on investment, a shed might be a fun project for you. But if you are concerned about your ROI, finishing your basement might be a better choice.

Your basement is probably easier to get to than an out building. It is easier (and less expensive) to add plumbing, heating, and electric to a different floor than to a different building. And you can still create a glamorous space in your basement- there are some amazing low-profile light fixtures out there!

Finishing your basement won’t add another building to your property or reduce your outside space.  Your home’s footprint won’t change. You’ll add indoor space while maintaining your outdoor space. There’s really no downside.

Best of all, finished basements aren’t trendy. Finished basements aren’t going to go out of style. People won’t suddenly prefer concrete floors and exposed insulation. Unlike a she-shed, a finished basement is a safe investment. 

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Gwen Hurd

Gwen Hurd, Marketing Assistant, earned her BA in English from UMass Amherst and her MA in Communication from SNHU. Gwen found herself excited about all things house & home when she invested in a 260 year old NH farmhouse.

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